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Gasolinegate Public Education Campaign

Gasolinegate Public Education Campaign Overview & Sponsorship Opportunities

Executive Summary

Gasolinegate is a new book that may open the door to increased corn demand and open the market to clean-burning ethanol. It is “The first comprehensive book to chronicle decades of inaction by the petroleum industry to clean up its gasoline and the failure of Congress and EPA to make them do so, resulting in lives lost, dollars wasted, and a weakened nation.” Those are not our words—that is the praise for this book by Ben Nelson, former United States Senator and Governor of Nebraska, Chair of the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition, Author of Death of the Senate, and one of the architects of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Working with our publisher, New Degree Press, we officially released Gasolinegate at a press conference at Freedom Plaza on Memorial Day 2023. We launch the Gasolinegate “The Buck Stops Here” Public Education Campaign on July 18, 2023, at the Congressional Expo sponsored by the Environmental and Energy Institute. This event initiates our process of distributing a Gasolinegate eBook to every member of Congress, the White House, and hundreds of state legislators.

The public education and book promotion activities outlined in this document illustrate how we will generate hundreds of millions of conventional and social media impressions in the next 12 months. Book sales and outreach activities will “reach-and-teach” millions of consumers and influencers outside the traditional biofuel supporter base. Ultimately, our success will be relative to the amount of funding we raise – which will allow us to participate in more events, place more social media ads, and sustain the campaign for 12+ months (e.g., the promotion cycle of a book launch).

For Further Information Contacts:

Burl Haigwood

Doug Durante