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Gasolinegate Early Praise Quotes

Gasolinegate is the first comprehensive book to chronicle decades of inaction by the petroleum industry to clean up its gasoline and the failure of Congress and EPA to make them do so, resulting in lives lost, dollars wasted, and a weakened nation.

~ The Honorable E. Benjamin Nelson, Former United States Senator and Governor of Nebraska, Chair, Governors’ Biofuels Coalition Author, Death of the Senate.

If Woodward and Bernstein revealed the machinations behind the Watergate break-in, Burl Haigwood and Doug Durante have taken away our rose-colored glasses in regard to the adverse real world economic, environmental and political consequences of reliance on polluting petro fuels.

~ Edwin Rothschild, Former Executive Director, Citizen Action

Gasolinegate delivers the truth and nothing but truth. It exposes how EPA has let down the people they were created to protect, while succumbing to the will of BIG OIL and environmentalist. 

~ Doug Sombke, President, South Dakota Farmers Union.

Gasolinegate is an information milestone of how big oil set out to brutally control the energy market which buttresses recent 2023 revelations of how they subverted response to global climate change science. Political strong-arming and deceit adds true color to this intriguing story, made public

~ Scott Sklar, Professor, The George Washington University (GWU) and co-author The Forbiddden Fuel: Power Alcohol in the 20th Century.

Gasolinegate is a comprehensive, compelling review of how EPA has failed to enforce air quality legislation intended to protect human health and the environment. The EPA’s willful disregard of federal fuel and air quality regulations has helped to enrich the petroleum industry while undermining human health and environmental goals.

~ Todd Sneller, former Administrator, Nebraska Ethanol Board

Authors Burl Haigwood and Doug Durante bring us the riveting, untold story of how the proper development of alternatives to gasoline has been blocked by purposedly built misconception, prejudice, and blunt lack of information, costing the American public billions of dollars, and causing significant damage to US public health, economy and energy security

~ Plinio Nastari, President, DATAGRO Group & IBIO Brazilian Institute of Bioenergy & Bioeconomy.

Years before The Auto Channel and I jumped into the ethanol vs. gasoline fray, Doug Durante and Burl Haigwood were doing the heavy lifting to try to make America and the world a healthier and safer place. Gasolinegate provides extensive and significant background in understanding what should have happened and why it didn’t. I consider this to be essential reading.

~ Marc J. Rauch, Author, The Ethanol Papers and Yes, Tin Lizzie Was an Alcoholic, Co-Publisher The Auto Channel

This book is a long overdue wakeup call that alerts Americans to the invisible, pervasive, and extremely lethal nanoparticles they and their children are forced to breathe in on a 24/7 basis, with no means of escape. In fact, contrary to EPA’s assurances, modern advanced engine designs make these lethal emissions even worse unless the compounds are replaced. Doug and Burl provide a roadmap for how to put an end to the enormous social and economic damages imposed by gasoline Benzene compounds.

~ David E. Hallberg, President, Dakota AG Energy, LLC, Founder and former CEO, Renewable Fuels Association.

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